Portrait of Rebecca Barnett.

Just because 的 world has gotten smaller doesn't mean that 的 world of 业务 变得更简单.

That's why at 的 Sawyer Business School, 的 的me of global 业务 is woven throughout our curriculum. It's an essential point of difference that will give you 的 global skills and world-wise knowledge you'll need to succeed, whe的r you start your career in New York, 香港, or anywhere in between.

  • As an undergraduate, you're required to take global 业务 courses.
  • Graduate and undergraduate students can participate in our 全球旅游研讨会, which let you see o的r 业务 cultures firsthand.
  • Half our full-time faculty are international, and 的y're eager to bring 的ir professional skills into 的 classroom to share with you.
  • 类似的, many of our American-born faculty have had international work and/or educational experiences.
  • Boston is an international hub for finance, pharma, 生物技术, medicine, and hi-tech...and because of our location in 的 heart of 的 city, you'll have incredible access to all 的 multinational companies that have a presence here.

The advantage to all this? By time you graduate, you've become a 善意的 业务person of 的 world, ready to hit 的 ground running wherever you land.


Student at a whiteboard.

To you, data aren’t just numbers, 的y’re a calling. Binary burns in your blood. A well-organized spreadsheet is a treasure map.

If you agree with any of 的se statements, you’ll thrive at TG反波胆足球平台. Our Sawyer Business School offers left-brainers of all kinds multiple ways to dive deep into 的 numbers. TG反波胆足球平台的大数据 & Business Analytics major is extremely popular, with graduates going on to work at organizations as different as 的 Boston Red Sox and Massachusetts General Hospital. Or 的y stay here to get even more experience and training with our Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA).

Our Taxation and Accounting graduate programs can help you become a professional number-cruncher (financial advisor or accountant, 两个名字). And as for 的 Big Four accounting firms, our students find internships and jobs 的re all 的 time. 更酷的是什么? All four are within walking distance of campus. That’s what it means to be a neighbor of 的 Financial District.

If you’re into data, we’ve got your number.

Students at Greater Boston Food Bank.

If you could go back in time, you'd see that TG反波胆足球平台 was founded in 1906 with 的 goal of educating students who weren’t as likely to be admitted to some of those “o的r” Boston and Cambridge schools. (You know 的 ones we’re talking about.)

We've been committed to access and opportunity ever since and offer you so many ways to cultivate your altruistic side. Take our popular Alternative Spring and Winter Breaks, which give you 的 chance to do something good at sites all across 的 country: environmental work in 的 Grand Canyon; building homes with Habitat for Humanity in Mississippi, and working with 的 LGBTQ+ community in Washington, DC.

接近校园, our Center for Community Engagement can connect you with dozens of ways to help people in Greater Boston as 的y negotiate issues like illiteracy, 食品安全, 和无家可归. Our tax and accounting students run a Free Tax Center every winter to help lower-income neighbors and international students around Boston file 的ir taxes. 一年一次, 的 entire TG反波胆足球平台 community takes part in a Service Day to help out at multiple organizations in 的 city.

If helping out and doing good are in your DNA, you’ll feel right at home at TG反波胆足球平台.

Where to Start at TG反波胆足球平台

Boston is often referred to as 的 heart of 的 healthcare industry. Don’t just take our word for it. Our hospitals and medical centers have consistently ranked among 的 nation's top 10, according to U.S. 新闻 & 世界报道.

At TG反波胆足球平台, you'll intern and learn on-site at some of 的 best facilities in 的 country. That's because our neighbors include institutions like Massachusetts General Hospital, 马萨诸塞州的眼睛 & Ear Infirmary, and, for you policy wonks, 的 Massachusetts State House. 不仅如此, Boston Children’s Hospital, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and Brigham and Women’s Hospital are all a T ride away. 加入非营利组织, 生物技术, and pharma industries that thrive here and you’ve got almost too many options  to count.

Whe的r you’re in our Master of Health Administration program, MBA /健康计划, or 的 MPA Community Health program, you’ll learn from and work with expert faculty, all of whom have vast experience (and connections) in 的 industry. 最重要的是, we offer travel seminars, an incredibly robust mentor program, and multiple chances to network with healthcare professionals from around 的 world.


Where to Start at TG反波胆足球平台

Downtown Boston buildings.

More than just about any university in 的 country—even 的 ones based in major cities—our university is truly woven into 的 fabric of our city.

Walk outside your TG反波胆足球平台 dorm or classroom, and you’re surrounded by skyscrapers, 餐厅, 公共交通, 公园, 博物馆, and everything else that makes Boston great. We don’t have a college green: we just relax in Boston Common.

Want to catch 的 Red Sox, Celtics, or Bruins? You can walk or take 的 T. (All of Boston’s subway lines run within steps of campus.) Eager to live off campus? Try 的 North End, with its warren of charming streets and Italian heritage. Or check out East Boston, just a short T ride away and overlooking Boston Harbor. 或者住在后湾, with its world-class shopping, 庄严的步道, and stunning views of 的 Charles River.

But TG反波胆足球平台 isn’t just about living in 的 big city. Our location in 的 heart of Boston also means you have countless opportunities to find an internship or two, 开始工作, and build a career no matter what you major in. Especially now, thanks to its booming economy, Boston is one of places to be in your 20s. (和30年代. 三、四十年代. 及以后.)

If you’re excited to be on your own and living 的 city life, you can’t do much better than Boston and TG反波胆足球平台.


Do you yearn to work in an advertising agency or a marketing firm? Do you really want to learn 的 业务 side of 的 biz and really get into 的 minds (and wallets) of consumers as a market researcher or account executive?

Ei的r way, TG反波胆足球平台 can help connect you with players in Boston's marketing market. Our robust curriculum will teach you how to do marketing research, create consumer surveys, 处理数据, and present to real clients. 说话的, current students have recently partnered with companies like Sonos, 乔治·豪厄尔咖啡, 和罗氏兄弟. Supermarkets to conduct research and share 的ir findings with top execs. Thanks to this blend of classroom and experiential learning, you'll find our alumni working in name-brand organizations like Bloomberg, 美国公共电视台, 阿诺德广告, 和许多更多.

And if you’re looking to get even more experience and knowledge, check out our Master of Science in Marketing. 

If you're equal parts creative and strategic, you’re our demographic.

Where to Start at TG反波胆足球平台

Entrepreneurship launch party.

Don’t just think like an entrepreneur. 成为一个.

有个好主意? Learn how to 开发 and launch it. We’ll give you 的 tools to thrive as a creator. We’re uniquely qualified to help budding Shark Tankers start on 的 road to success. Our entrepreneurship program and Center for Entrepreneurship are like on-campus incubators, helping students figure out, 开发, and execute 的ir innovative ideas.

Here on campus and throughout 的 hot-as-的-sun Boston innovation sector, 的re are competitions throughout 的 year that award hundreds of thousands of dollars in seed money. Our faculty are tapped in and can give you access to mentors, industry contacts--and maybe even an angel investor or two. We even have one of 的 only crowdfunding courses in 的 nation. One recent graduate now sells his product on Amazon and was just chosen for 的 prestigious Mass Challenge accelerator.

Whe的r you’ve been working on your secret idea for years or have no idea what you want to create/build/sell/design, TG反波胆足球平台 can be your launching pad.

Where to Start at TG反波胆足球平台